Woodward Gallery Decades
September 12 - October 24, 2015

20 in 15: Director's Choices of 2015
Susan Breen & Margaret Morrison: Both Ways
Sybil Gibson, Mark Mastroianni,
  Ivan Pazlamatchev: Awakening - Spring

Cristina Vergano: The Laws of Attraction
JMR: Sheer Power
JMR: Four Seasons Lobby

Project Space Retrospective: 2008-2014
Margaret Morrison: Butterflies & Blossoms
Sybil Gibson: Art From Within
Natalie Edgar: Abstract Journey
Robert Indiana: A to Z, The Four Seasons Restaurant

Robert Indiana: ICONS
Robert Indiana: A to Z
Red Grooms: Unicorn Series, The Four Seasons Restaurant
From the Street Up
Richard Hambleton: Beatiful Paintings
Femalenergy 3
Roy Nicholson: The Four Seasons Restaurant

Margaret Morrison: Child's Play
Mark Mastroianni: Natural Wisdom
Kenji Nakayama: The Four Seasons Restaurant
Summer Selections
Kenji Nakayama Solo Exhibition

21 Etchings and Poems
Jackson Pollock, The Four Seasons Restaurant
Rather Unique

Lady Pink: Evolution
Margaret Morrison, The Four Seasons Restaurant
Charting Ground Zero: Ten Years After
20 in 11: Director's Choices of 2011
Sybil Gibson: Family Collection
Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk: Curious Sanctuary
Charles Hinman, The Four Seasons Restaurant

Robert Indiana: NOW
Robert Indiana: The Four Seasons of Hope
Knox Martin: Woman: Black and White Paintings
The Great Outdoors
Natalie Edgar: From Above
Big Winter Paper

Cristina Vergano: Just for You
Keith Haring: New York
Mark Mastroianni & Rick Begneaud: Signs of Life
Margaret Morrison: Larger Than Life
Louise Peabody: Peace

Ad Reinhardt: In the Minds of Me
Susan Breen: Remedy
Matt Siren & Darkcloud: Street Language
Sign Language
Deborah Claxton: Extreme Paper
Andy Warhol: Diamond Dust & Shadows

Andy Warhol: Fabulous Fifties
Richard Hambleton: The Beautiful Paintings
When Art Worlds Collide: The 60's

Gallery Artists 06-07
Cristina Vergano: Figure of Speech
Winter Warhol
Spring Paper 8
One Cent Life

Margaret Morrison: Patron Saints and Rituals
Charles Yoder: Private Property
Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk:
Somewhere in Time

Spring Sculpture
Winter Paper Seven

Louise Peabody: Nudescapes
Sarah Hauser: Geneticircus
Andy Warhol: Summer Shadows
Deborah Claxton: Still Cut Paper
Susan Breen: where light rises...shadows fall


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