Kenji Nakayama
September - January, 2010

Kenji Nakayama is an artist originally from Hokkaido, Japan. He got involved with street art to document his surrounding environment and as a method to capture significant moments in his daily life. His elaborate process involves crafting original, hand-cut multi layer stencils which become one complete image when illuminated with colorful spray enamel. This deeply personal technique serves as a diary from start to finish.

Kenji currently works and resides in Boston, Massachusetts. His hand cut stencil work premiered this past summer at Woodward Gallery’s The Great Outdoors group exhibition in NYC. Nakayama is quickly gaining significant attention for his fresh contribution to urban art and has a project currently touring Australia!

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Woodward Gallery Project Space

Rotating exhibition of street art
on view at 132 Eldridge Street
directly across from the gallery
Now on view:
Brad Robson

Project Space continues inside
GHOST Art Lounge & Bar
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