Woodward Gallery Project Space presents:

Beware Hipsters
November through December 2014

Cali Killa is a nationwide and internationally known visual artist from Los Angeles. He primarily works in the urban environments of Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Boston and New York. His bi-coastal exposure blended with pop culture, fashion, music and historical relevance sets him apart from other artists. Cali Killa is best known for his various stencil images, especially “Beware Hipsters.” In addition, his art has been recognized and published by The New York Times, acclaimed Author Hank O’Neil “Ex-CIA: Street Art Project” (May 2012), “Stay up!: Los Angeles Street Art” (December 2012), and Los Angeles Magazine (July 2011 edition). Cali Killa was chosen by Red Bull to participate in the 2014 Los Angeles Canvas Cooler Event.

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Woodward Gallery Project Space

Rotating exhibition of street art
on view at 132 Eldridge Street
directly across from the gallery
Now on view:
Cali Killa
Through December 2014

Project Space continues inside
GHOST Art Lounge & Bar
132a Eldridge Street

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